Way to be progressive!

I got to witness the FABULOUS victory that occurred this morning. I received the morning off from my internship at the Center for American Progress to rally in support of marriage equality at the Supreme Court.

It was really hot and I was semi-miserable, but then again, so was everyone else. Once the demise of DOMA was announced via the one guy who had the fastest Internet on his iPhone, I didn’t care anymore.


I can now hope that in the future, so many of my friends will be able to be recognized as valid and valuable citizens in the eyes of the federal government, should they choose to marry.

Once again, though, I find myself disappointed by my state. I don’t like that when I mention I’m from Kansas, people think only of unreasonable and ignorant people – Congressmen Huelskamp, the Westboro Baptist Church, etc. However, I appreciate that I get to defy some of those bad expectations.

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To all of those who were positively impacted by the results of today (DOMA, Prop8): CONGRATULATIONS. I am lucky to have been in the presence of so much love. It goes without saying, but I cannot wait for the day (no matter how far off) when those in my home state who have been judged, persecuted and alienated, receive their due. Because if you think we’re done after this, you’ve got another think coming.

Goodbye, DOMA. I’ll see you never.

Some of the interns from the CAP can be seen in this article on Buzzfeed. So cool!

Mischief Managed.

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